Working With Us

Working with companies and other organisations is an important part of our work at DERI. We currently work with many different types and size of organisation from 1-2 person startup companies to multi-national corporations and governments.

There are many different ways that your organisation can work with us. The starting point in most cases is simply to get in touch. From there, we can have a conversation where we will provide more information on the Institute overall and specific areas that may be of interest. From your side, we would like to understand what your needs are so that we can try to identify where there might be some common ground.

 Very broadly, there are 2 types of relationship.

  • Research Problem/Area - In this type of collaboration, the non-academic organisation would like to get involved in a collaboration aimed at researching into a specific area of interest to them. This area may be relevant/important because of the commercial potential it might offer but this form of collaboration differs from the one below in that there is not a specific commercial outcome in mind. 
  • Commercial Need - The second broad type of collaboration is where there is a specific commercial objective in mind at the outset. With this kind of project, the deliverables are focussed from the outset on that commercial outcome.

Both of these types of relationship break down into a number of further possibilities to engage. For example, they can both be bi-lateral or involve a consortium of academic and non-academic partners. It all depends on the specific objectives of the project and the framework in place from the funding source (if any).

So get in touch if you'd like to know more!