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Social software allows people to connect, communicate or collaborate by use of a computer network resulting in shared, interactive spaces creating new methods for connecting people and the information that they have created. Common examples of social software systems include discussion forums, blogs, wikis and online social networks. By utilising Semantic Web technologies in social software systems, we can create new methods for connecting people to other people and also to the information that they have created. This work programme builds on the existing achievements from Líon I (SIOC project, social network analysis collaboration with IBM and the semantic tagging work with Seoul National University) and extends this work to the application domains of eGovernment, eHealth, telecommunications and eBusiness in collaboration with the domain-specific units.

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Women Coding with ‘Rails Girls’ Galway

‘Rails Girls’, a worldwide series of workshops that aims to bridge the gender divide in technology by giving a first approach to web application development, was recently held in DERI, NUIG, Galway.
This approach is facilitated by the Ruby on Rails framework, so that it can be grasped easily even by those with no prior programming experience.

Web 3.0 and Personalisation

" In the UK's Guardian newspaper site today, writer Jemina Kiss suggested that Web 3.0 will be about recommendation. "If web 2.0 could be summarized as interaction, web 3.0 must be about recommendation and personalization," she wrote . Using and Facebook's Beacon as an example, Kiss painted a picture of a web where personalized recommendation services can feed us information on new music, new products, and where to eat. It's a marketers dream and it's really not far off from the definitions we've come up with in the past here on ReadWriteWeb."
From Read/Write Web

Introduction to the Social Graph API

An Introduction to the Social Graph API
[youtube LabCylbapuM nolink]

The Google Social Graph API-the good and the bad

Via John Breslin
" I was very interested to hear about the launch of Google’s social graph API at the weekend. The social graph API “returns web addresses of public pages and publicly-declared connections between them”, where the connections are currently being obtained from crawled XFN and FOAF links. Dan Brickley , the co-creator of FOAF said:

The World's information

“Google's general mission has been to organize the world's information. With that they bring in the flotsam and the jetsam, the good with the bad because they're casting their net far and wide,” Microsoft's Cliff Guren said.
Its initiative in mass digitization stems from a vision of Internet search as a tool to hunt not only the words we type in, but also the things we might have meant to type in, said Colin Gillis, an Internet analyst at brokerage Canaccord Adams.

Will your company Sparkle in 2008?

" The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has kicked off 2008 with publishing two significant Semantic Web specifications in the month of January. The first is the query language specification, SPARQL (pronounced, "sparkle") and the Ontology Language for Web (OWL) 1.1. One could argue the computer science industry is in the midst of the biggest shift in software development in the past fifty years.

Open Coffee Galway

Open Coffee Galway will be held tomorrow morning at 11 am at DERI in the IDA Business Park, Dangan.
Map to get to DERI


The first public working draft of SKOS .


" Silobreaker , innovative search service for news and current events, announced at DEMO , the world's leading event for introducing new products and companies, the official release of its new service, making it available at More than a news aggregator, Silobreaker provides relevance by looking at the data it finds like a person does. It recognizes people, companies, topics, places and keywords; understands how they relate to each other in the news flow, and puts them in context for the user.

X-tech The Web on the move

The deadline for X-tech is today  January the 25th.
Proposals for presentations and tutorials are invited for XTech 2008 , Europe’s premier web technologies conference. The deadline for submitting proposals is January 25th, 2008 .
XTech 2008 will be held from May 6-9th 2008, in Dublin, Ireland.


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