Sensor Middleware Unit

Sensor Middleware Unit (USM) - We work on enabling Semantic Reality by means of very large infrastructures integration of the physical world and computers on a global scale (virtual world) that facilitates the information-driven real-time.
 At USM we look at the engineering side and deploying of software systems in a large degree of self-organization and automation capabilities building into the software systems and its constituents, enabling simple deployment (plug-and-play), dynamic (re-) configuration, flexible component and information integration, and tailored information delivery based on user context and needs in a service-oriented way. 

We are experts on semantic descriptions - annotation - transformation - management and visualization of the user needs and their contexts, and also of the system's constituents, the data streams they produce, their functionalities and their requirements to enable a machine-understandable information space of real-world entities and their dynamic communication processes on a scale which is beyond the current size of the Internet.

Our intern students, MSc. PhD. students and research visitors specialize on the different aspects in the following areas:

* Linked Data Streams Management, Processing and Visualization.

* Large-scale Semantics-enabled Distributed Information Systems and Applications.

* Query Language Modeling and processing

* Semantic Sensor Networks and Sensor Network Middleware(s)

* Information Exchange and Integrated Management

* Service-oriented architectures (SOA).

* Distributed Systems and Interoperability,

* Ontology Engineering and Semantic Solutions.

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    Director, Stream Leader, Unit Leader, Vice Director
    +353 91 495009
    manfred [dot] hauswirth [at] deri [dot] org
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    Research Fellow
    +353 91 495728
    danh [dot] lephuoc [at] deri [dot] org
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    Intern - Visiting Research Student
    anh [dot] le [at] deri [dot] org
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    Ph.D. Student
    myriam [dot] leggieri [at] deri [dot] org
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    Intern - Visiting Research Student
    samuel [dot] michalak [at] gmail [dot] com
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    Postdoctoral Researcher
    +353 91 495128
    josiane [dot] parreira [at] deri [dot] org
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    Postdoctoral Researcher
    christian [dot] vonderweth [at] deri [dot] org


Open Positions in Semantic Interoperability, Internet of Things and Cloud Services

Research Fellow, PostDoc, PhD Student, Research Master Student,

Research Assistant (6 Months Min.) and Internships (4-6 Months Max.)

At Insight Centre for Data Analytics @ NUIG Galway we are looking for talents for covering the multiple research activities and aspects in the areas of Semantic Interoperability, Data Management and Processing, Privacy and Security, Internet of Things, Distributed Services and Systems and Cloud Computing Services & Management within the research groups and the broad portfolio of European collaborative and Irish national projects.