Dr. Alessandra Mileo

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  • Adjunct Lecturer
  • Research Fellow
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I am currently a Post-doctoral Researcher, Adjunct Lecturer and Unit Leader of the Reasoning and Querying unit in DERI since August 2011 and I lead the research activities in the team, including representation and reasoning over dynamic knowledge (stream reasoning), contextual RDF reasoning, access control over RDF, distributed query optimization, reasoning for the semantic web. Along with the research activities, I have been scientific and technical leader of the LION2 liaison with Cisco and Bell Labs Ireland, and engaged with other relevant industry partners. Before that I was a postdoctoral researcher working on sensor-based Activity Recognition for 3 years in the University of Milan-Bicocca, coordinating the preparation of the successful proposal "Easy Reach", sponsored under the EU AAL Program, 2009). 

My background is mainly logic programming and non-monotonic reasoning, context-aware systems, stream reasoning, data integration, access control specification and enforcement, but I am interested in hybrid analytics that combine statistical and logical inference, and applications of these techniques in clinical trial design and smart-cities solutions.

I have been involved in a variety of application domains, related to my research activities and interests, including: home monitoring and risk prevention for Independent Living; policy enforcement for access control on heterogeneous and decentralized semantic enterprise data; decision support and heterogeneous knowledge integration for smart enterprise solutions; computational models for bio-informatics research; location-based smart services and smart cities; contextual data representation and management for Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage. Around some of these topics I have been participating in the preparation of successful EU proposals and received several National (SFI) travel awards in 2012 for promoting this activity.

I am PC member of several conferences and journals in the field, and part of the steering committee of related research associations including RR and ARCOE.