Information Visualisation for Exploratory Document Collection Analysis
We have developed an innovative visualization tool called IVEA, which allows for interactive and user-controlled exploration process in which the knowledge workers can gain meaningful, rapid understanding about a text collection via intuitive visual displays. It blends visualisation with faceted browsing & querying.

Intelligent Preference Relaxation

Improving product search for eCommerce systems

Our research has found that basic preference relaxation can significantly increases a consumers effort, without improving the quality of the purchasing decision.
We have developed novel techniques for relaxing preferences without compromising on the quality or quantity of results.


Intelligent knowledge discovery from scientific publications
Corraal is an innovative knowledge discovery platform. It automatically analyses collections of documents to identify explicit & implicit facts with a light‐weight framework for coping with noisy and sparse emergent knowledge. 

LarScAnn (Large Scale Annotator)

Information Mining
LarScAnn (Large Scale Annotator) is a business analytics that is used over “tweets”. It as a company / product sentiment used for information Extraction (e.g possible acquisitions). It has a Real-time performance  of up to 5000 tweets per seconds.

The Semantic Public Service Portal

Rules that govern the provision of a public service to specific groups of individuals or businesses represented using SPARQL queries. It is currently deployed in the official portals of 4 EU public authorities in France, Greece, Latvia and Spain.

ATOM User Interface

Compact Radial Layout
The user starts with one central item. The rings represent subsequent levels and contain children items belonging to a selected item from a previous inner ring. As the user selects next items additional rings are revealed and expanded. The Atom Interface is developed in “Flex” and can be integrated with any web application regardless of the technology or language used. 

Analyst Work Bench

Automated Analysis of Company Filings
DERI have developed novel techniques for automated analysis of management's discussion of its operating results, information on legal proceedings, risk factors and other relevant information.  The system helps analysts “deobfuscate” text and identify material disclosures.


Extracting the Valuable Threads of Expertise
Saffron is an innovative expertise mining platform.It combines linguistic, statistical and ontological techniques to mine unstructured text for topics and experts