eBusiness and Financial Services Domain

Today’s enterprise is increasingly dependent upon content bundling to support business processes, product offerings, services and decision making. There has been explosive growth in the percentage of unstructured content (e.g., scanned documents, business reports, email) that enterprise information systems are expected to deal with.

With the increasing importance of electronic commerce channels, regulatory compliance requirements and information search capability for business intelligence insight, this trend is set to continue, requiring enterprise content management systems to become proficient in linking back office data with line-of-sight business content. The growth and value of unstructured information will require new approaches and thinking as to how information is managed and used across the enterprise. Information life cycle management will have to smoothly accommodate all information, ensuring that enterprise content and business information systems are coupled to provide a single all-inclusive enterprise information overview.

The application of semantics to business information systems is directed towards grounding the technology in the key areas of extracting business meaning from unstructured information, uncovering meaning within a business context, smarter BIS that can add meaning as they operate, and deducing business information and communicating it to other stake holders.


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