Applied Innovations

DERI Applied Innovations (DAI) works with corporate enterprises to create advanced and innovative applications using DERI technology combined with new research into interfaces, applications, and system implementation.

DAI also operates its BizStart program seeking to commercialize DERI technology by partnering researchers with entrepreneurs. The commercialization efforts of DAI involve closely working with CEOs or Entrepreneurs who help develop business and marketing plans around innovative technologies emerging from the DAI labs.

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    Postdoctoral Researcher
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    Research Associate
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    Business Development & Applied Innovations Manager
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    Research Associate, Project Manager
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Sindice Dataspaces

Web Scale, Semantic Data Integration Platform
Our research indicates that Sindice Dataspaces is the only platform capable of “Web Scale” integration of semantic data. We have developed novel techniques, algorithms, data structures and technologies which enable us to Continuously, discover and index the “Web of Data”.


A platform for codeless social networked applications
We are developing a platform for creating codeless, personalised applications. Users compose applications by selecting “Widgets” from a library, dropping them on a dashboard and “authorising” them to

Shipping Comparison Hub

Find, compare & order the best shipping offers
We have developed a novel framework for discovering, configuring and consuming online services. We applied it to the shipping domain. It has the ability to discover, configure and consume any web‐based shipping services, with minimal incremental effort and reduced time, effort and costs for users.


Digital Enterprise Research Institute “Business insight platform for enterprise social media
Social Lens uses novel analytical techniques and algorithms developed by the Clique Strategic Research Cluster which can automatically analyse and diagnose the heath of complex social networks, in real‐time with Metrics for quantifying social media usage & identifying individuals who perform specific roles (e.g. key “influencers”).


Learning Management System for informal and collaborative eLearning
Pergamon combines lightweight semantic technologies and social networking with conventional learning management features to delivers an innovative learning management system (LMS) for informal and collaborative eLearning. It is an extremely flexible data model, with support for hierarchical, collaborative and semantic meta data.

Opinion Miner for eCommerce

Improving consumer buying decisions using product reviews
We have developed novel techniques for large scale, automated analyses of “free text” product reviews & opinions. There is an automatic extraction of important product features, themes or concepts from “free text” product reviews. This means better purchasing decisions can be made with less effort.


Information Visualisation for Exploratory Document Collection Analysis
We have developed an innovative visualization tool called IVEA, which allows for interactive and user-controlled exploration process in which the knowledge workers can gain meaningful, rapid understanding about a text collection via intuitive visual displays. It blends visualisation with faceted browsing & querying.

Intelligent Preference Relaxation

Improving product search for eCommerce systems

Our research has found that basic preference relaxation can significantly increases a consumers effort, without improving the quality of the purchasing decision.
We have developed novel techniques for relaxing preferences without compromising on the quality or quantity of results.


Intelligent knowledge discovery from scientific publications
Corraal is an innovative knowledge discovery platform. It automatically analyses collections of documents to identify explicit & implicit facts with a light‐weight framework for coping with noisy and sparse emergent knowledge. 

LarScAnn (Large Scale Annotator)

Information Mining
LarScAnn (Large Scale Annotator) is a business analytics that is used over “tweets”. It as a company / product sentiment used for information Extraction (e.g possible acquisitions). It has a Real-time performance  of up to 5000 tweets per seconds.

The Semantic Public Service Portal

Rules that govern the provision of a public service to specific groups of individuals or businesses represented using SPARQL queries. It is currently deployed in the official portals of 4 EU public authorities in France, Greece, Latvia and Spain.
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    Business Development & Applied Innovations Manager
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