Super Stream Collider Experimentation on Fed4FIRE Infrastructure

The Super Stream Collider middleware platform ( developed by DERI-NUIG aspires to be the world's largest and fastest Linked Data Stream platform. In the context of the Fed4FIRE experiments, we aim for testing the full stack service capability to process collected sensor data and to provide data streams in the form of easy-configurable data services and by means of an easy-to-use friendly and programming-free end user interface. However SSC has not been fully validated in a real physical world, where large numbers of data sources are stressing the SSC capabilities and even more its applicability within federated system(s). Fed4FIRE can be seen as a platform for SSC for the validation for a complete stack building IoT applications and services based on distributed information. SSC can be simulated at more than one experimental related testbed and hence the feasibility for the validation within the Fed4FIRE technology.

The Fed4FIRE federation of experimentation facilities will accelerate the process of creating the multi-experiment IoT Cloud Data scenarios for validation purposes. By using Fed4FIRE’s unified access interfaces and tools will enable us to test the SSC feature on multi-domain collected data processing, for example IoT data services provisioning (Smart Santander), and distributed data collection gateways running interconnected servers (PlanetLab) can be performed and tested and the information SSC will collect transformed into live data streams, likewise data processing on the cloud (on cloud-computing feature of BonFire test bed) and client stream feeds for web-scale consuming applications (simulate on VirtualWall testbed) can be validated in the framework of SSC features for distributed IoT cloud processing. 
Furthermore, Fed4FIRE testbeds will provide the testing scalability feature that in the SSC middleware need to be validated. For instance, SSC could make use of the Smart Santander near 20.000 real-life sensor data sources of a real city (currently SSC has been tested within the framework of the Volvo Ocean Race with less than a Thousand of sensors), PlanetLab will enable the simulation of up to thousands of data collection gateways (SSC has been tested will only few data collection gateways as web services), Bonfinre testbed (Cloud Computing) would enable us to scale the data processing requests on hundreds to thoundsands of virtual cores (we currently tested SSC with 32 virtual cores of Amazon EC2), Virtual Wall will enable us to test the real usability scenario of web-scale stream application consumption with 10-100.000 clients feeding data from SSC concurrently.

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