A platform for codeless social networked applications
We are developing a platform for creating codeless, personalised applications. Users compose applications by selecting “Widgets” from a library, dropping them on a dashboard and “authorising” them to
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Problem Description: 
Research suggests that less than 20% of enterprise software projects are completed on time and on‐budget. Even when these projects are completed many are a shadow of their original specification, often loosing up to 60% of their features.
This problem is compounded on the Web, where there are orders of magnitude more diversity, complexity and velocity of change.
We are familiar with web applications which “almost” satisfy our requirements, or “nearly” help us in our daily jobs.
The development of web applications is a resource intensive exercise. While there are tools and components to make application build easier, they still require significant effort from software developers to integrate them into applications. Software engineers are relatively scarce compared to the number of unique applications required.
We need a way to enable collaboration between the developers and consumers of components and to empower users to “compose” their own applications which fulfill their requirement more completely.
Solution Description: 
We are developing a platform for creating codeless, personalised applications. Users compose applications by selecting “Widgets” from a library, dropping them on a dashboard and “authorising” them to
At its heart is a It is a semantically‐powered publish/subscribe engine which understands the data concepts & mediates on the terminology used by various web widgets and is integrated with a social networking platform (Pinax).
Codeless application composition.
  • Hot swappable / distributed components.
  • Integrated social networking platform (Pinax).
  • Standards based communications and easy‐to‐follow widget registration and deployment.
  • No requirement on users of the technology to learn new.
Appplication Description: 
We are currently developing this platform and believe that through collaborating with industrial partners we can extend this offering into domains such as Telehealth, single customer view applications, and data integration projects.
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Patrick Mulrooney
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Patrick Mulrooney
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Líon 2
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Science Foundation Ireland