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Social Lens uses novel analytical techniques and algorithms developed by the Clique Strategic Research Cluster which can automatically analyse and diagnose the heath of complex social networks, in real‐time with Metrics for quantifying social media usage & identifying individuals who perform specific roles (e.g. key “influencers”).
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Problem Description: 
Gartner identified social computing as one of the top 10 strategic technologies for enterprises. Over 100 Enterprise 2.0 platform providers exist and they estimate double‐digit growth in this area, with annual sales to reach $15 billion by 2015.
The value of a social network is crucially dependent on the behaviour and content provided by its members.
Current diagnostic and moderation solutions have shallow analytical features and largely rely on manual processes.
Manual processes usually involve one or more employees in an organisation dedicated to building & maintaining profiles of platform usage, extracting & aggregating statistics and verifying the suitability of user‐generated content.
The end result is that platform operators are forced to risk the management of internal knowledge and customer relationships to a complex system that they do not understand, and whose weakness and strengths they cannot diagnose.
Solution Description: 
Social Lens uses novel analytical techniques and algorithms developed by the Clique Strategic Research Cluster which can automatically analyse and diagnose the heath of complex social networks, in real‐time
The core component of the final product will be a cross‐platform Social Media Diagnostic Suite, providing deep & automated analysis, diagnosis and moderation capabilities for social platforms in a range of application areas.
Features & Benefits
Commercially focused product being developed & based on mature research.
Diagnostics Dashboard— to support the monitoring of the health of online communities and the subsequent rapid application of corrective measures to deal with issues identified during the monitoring
Real‐time Metrics for quantifying social media usage & identifying individuals who perform specific roles (e.g. key “influencers”)
Visual analytics to represent the composition of the network in terms of:
  • emergent topics
  • user roles
  • emergent trends
  • churn of key individuals
Appplication Description: 
  • The suite will be targeted at organisations who are either involved in the development of social media platform platforms, or end‐users that have deployed or intend to deploy social media systems in a commercial context.
  •  It can be deployed as an interactive web application or as a set of APIs that can be integrated into other systems/solutions.
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Patrick Mulrooney
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Patrick Mulrooney
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Líon 2
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Science Foundation Ireland