Sindice Dataspaces

Web Scale, Semantic Data Integration Platform
Our research indicates that Sindice Dataspaces is the only platform capable of “Web Scale” integration of semantic data. We have developed novel techniques, algorithms, data structures and technologies which enable us to Continuously, discover and index the “Web of Data”.
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Problem Description: 
At the Techonomy 2010 conference, Eric Schmidt, chairman of Google™, commented that “we create as much information every two days as we did from the dawn of civilisation up until 2003”.
This data explosion is happening on the Web and within enterprises and this new data comes in all sorts of formats, structures and languages. Conventional data representation & data management 
technologies are struggling to keep up.
Semantic standards are being adopted in an effort to address this challenge. RDFa and the use of standardized dictionaries makes web scale/ on the fly data reuse, finally possible.
The use of these standards are exploding in eCommerce, Media, Publishing and Life sciences, and Financial
On the Web, semantics standards are being incorporated into the vast majority of search optimised web sites, through Google Rich Snippets. This includes reviews, ratings, people, events, recipes, organisations, products and
One year after its launch, Facebook claim 2.5 million web sites have integrated the “Like Button”, which includes semantic markup, and in excess of 10,000 new sited are adding it every day. 
Semantic standards have been adopted in the pharmaceutical sector to enable pre competitive data sharing and reduce the costs of drug discovery .
Solution Description: 
Our research indicates that Sindice Dataspaces is the only platform capable of “Web Scale” integration of semantic data.
We have developed novel techniques, algorithms, data structures and technologies which enable us to :
  • Continuously, discover and index the “Web of Data”
  • Provide a rich query interface for applications: enabling the Web of Data to be accessed like a database.
  • Provide a computational space for real‐time, continuous preprocessing and transformation of data .
  • Create clean, private "semantic data spaces" constructed out of data on the web but also leveraging internal enterprise
Features & Benefits
  • Maturing technology, in the process of being spun‐out & ready for licensing or collaboration.
  • An up to date index of the “Web Of Data”, knowledge of most of the big open datasources on the web.
  • Based on a major evolution of existing enterprise search frameworks: the “SIREn” (Semantic Indexing & Retrieval) plugin for Lucene & Solr.
  • Ability to create “Web Scale” and niche data spaces.
  • Data exploration tools.
  • Knowledgeable world class team with proven track of industrial grade semantic integration applications.
Appplication Description: 
  • A “web scale” platform to leverage data out there
  • An integration layer for enterprise “Big Data” applications.
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Patrick Mulrooney
Designated Expert: 
Patrick Mulrooney
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Líon 2
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Science Foundation Ireland