REFINE - REsearch expertise FINdEr

REFINE is a Enterprise Ireland Commercialization project, that aims at creating a research expertise finder system for government funding agencies, and research bodies (i.e., research institutes and third-level institutes), that is, a tool that creates expertise awareness. Awareness is understood as a type of finding operation applicable to manual search strategies across personal relationships as well as automated methods built around search tools developed largely in the Database and Information Retrieval (IR) research communities. 

REFINE will provide tools to the government funding agencies to find researchers with particular skills in a relevant area that the organizations and companies are looking for. This system will help as well those agencies to find the right reviewers. The research bodies are entities whose most of their members are researches carrying out research. This system will help to make those researchers more visible for companies as well.

REFINE will address a number of technical challenges in three different areas: (1) Information Retrieval (IR), (2) Natural Language Processing (NLP), and (3) Human Computer Interaction (HCI). 

Two trials will be run with targeted customers: Enterprise Ireland (i.e., from Ireland) and BicBerrilan (i.e., from Spain).

REFINE will be build on previous work at DERI on expert finding application called Saffron.

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