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Planergize is an online service available at that provides a simple way to create, share and run plans. 
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Problem Description: 
There are many activities that we all carry out on a regular basis that require lots of information to be performed correctly and that take place over a certain time span. Examples include a wide range of activities such as cooking a complex dish by following a recipe, nursing a child, using a fence strainer to follow a diet, preparing for an important exam, planning seasonal works in your garden and so on.
Although these activities differ in many ways, each has a common set of steps that should be performed each time it is carried out.
There is no easy way to describe such activities on the web at present. This leads to the following disadvantages:
  • Each of us spends a significant amount of time planning, scheduling and thinking about these tasks. We need to “reinvent the wheel” each time we engage in such activities.
  • The amount of information available is overwhelming, and we need to spend time and effort to dig through this information to find a little piece we really need at the moment.
  • There is no easy way to provide multi-media timebased instructions for people who want to share their experience.
Solution Description: 
Our solution to the problem is based on the idea that you can take a step-by-step description of an activity, add images and videos, specify when each step should start and how long it should take and package it into a bundle,
called a plan.

Planergize is an online service available at that provides a simple way to create, share and run plans. When you start running a plan, Planergize prepares a schedule using the time when you started the plan and
steps’ shifts and durations. Planergize sends you step reminders while the Plan Player component allows you to graphically see where you are in the process, which steps have been carried out, what should be done right now and what are your next steps.
  • Full authoring, playback and sharing environment.
  • Blending of multi-media content plus timing information allows to share and utilize experience in a more beneficial way than ever before.
  • Ease of use. Using our Plan Player it is possible to create and run plans not only by technology professionals, but also by “your granny”.
  • Plans can be embedded into other sites.
  • Think about Planergize as a YouTube® for plans.
Appplication Description: 
We will demonstrate how Planergize can be invaluable for a user with the help of a simple example.
A student, trying to prepare for an important exam will use a Planergize plan, which contains instructions for each of the 14 days of the preparations. Instructions for each of the days will include approximate time that is required
to complete a particular day’s tasks along with pictures and instructional video. Each day the student will receive reminders via SMS and email, which will provide short outline of the day’s tasks and serve as additional motivation.
Given this assistance the student will be able to concentrate on the learning and preparation instead of planning the process and worrying if he can do all the preparations in time
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Patrick Mulrooney
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Patrick Mulrooney
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