The wealth of information and services on today’s information infrastructures like the Internet and the Web has significantly changed everyday life and has substantially transformed the way in which business, public and private interactions are performed globally. The economic and social influence of the Web is enormous, enabling new business models and social change, and creating wealth. However, we have barely scratched the surface of what information technology can do for society. The Web has enabled information creation and dissemination, but has also opened the information floodgates.
The enormous amount of information available has made it increasingly difficult to find, access, present and maintain the information required. As a consequence, we are drowning in information and starving for knowledge. The Net2 project and network is aiming – as part of a global effort – to remedy this situation by contributing to the emerging next generation of the World Wide Web, continuing to build on ideas from Vannevar Bush, Doug Engelbart and Tim Berners-Lee on enabling systematic and access to explicitly represented and networked knowledge.

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