Bioinformatics and Systems Biology Unit

This is the home of the Bioinformatics and Systems Biology Unit at DERI. Our mission is to apply semantic web technologies for improving, and enabling, discovery in Life Sciences. 

We have several ongoing Projects and useful Resources that can be leveraged for supporting work in this area.
What we are?
We are cool because we use open source and are interdisciplinary; like "plasma", we can adopt different shapes and easily move between disciplinary compartments - biology, math, computer science, physics, medicine and chemistry.
We are the “integrative guys” because we use and reuse technologies developed in DERI without any discrimination.


Our mission is to help more patients by helping more doctors by helping more biologists make more discoveries and better decisions!

We are different because:
Our research is more applied than anyone else’s
We try to solve “real” life-threatening problems by making scientist’s life simpler.
For more information, please visit our updated website at

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    Postdoctoral Researcher
    helena [dot] deus [at] deri [dot] org
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