Cisco's Social networking strategy comes into focus

"Cisco will introduce its Entertainment Operating System (EOS) platform next year.
EOS is a software platform that will be used to deliver video and other multimedia content to online community properties. Social networks run by the National Hockey League and the NASCAR are already using pieces of the EOS software to deliver video to consumers (the NHL was a customer of Five Across). EOS will help customers deliver content, as well as allow consumers to find relevant content, and then interact with it and each other.

Hakia raises $2 million for Semantic Search

"Semantic search engine Hakia has raised $2 million of a planned $5 million round, according to VentureWire (via VentureBeat). The funding, from an unidentified investor, follows $16 million in funding that was announced last year, bringing its total raise to $18 million. Previous institutional backers include Noble Grossart Investments Ltd., Alexandra Investment Management, Prokom Investments and KVK. The NYC-based company is one of several startups claiming to be analyze content based on meaning. Others in the space include Powerset and Yedda, which was acquired by AOL .

Research as Business

Research as Business in Ireland
“The Irish economy needs to get away from its dependency on multinationals and start blazing its own trail,” says Jack Downey, an industry liaison officer with University of Limerick-based Lero, a Science Foundation Ireland-based Centre for Science, Engineering and Technology (CSET)."

Web 3.0: new opportunities on the Semantic Web.

The future of the Web?In this video from MIT/Stanford Venture lab,some of the best emerging companies in the semantic web space present their different approaches to realizing the vision. Questions that get asked include: unveils Search privacy tool.

"Fourth-ranked US search engine has released a new feature, AskEraser, that will let users control the destiny of their search data. When enabled, AskEraser will automatically delete any user data created during future searches from Ask's servers. That includes IP address, user and session IDs, and the text of the specific search queries. Once on, AskEraser works across any of's vertical search engines, as well as consumer applications such as Maps & Directions.

LinkedIn Opens site to Developers

"LinkedIn will let developers build applications for its professional networking site, an approach recently undertaken by social networking competitor Facebook , to make its site more interactive, the company said Monday.
The move is one of several LinkedIn is making, including launching a beta version of a redesigned home page, to keep its less flashy but more business-minded contacts network site vibrant alongside rivals MySpace and Facebook. LinkedIn said it wants to be a hub for business information."
LinkedIn Opens site to Developers

Bringing Social media to work

"Companies are made up of people, and people talk. They also have lives, and interests, and fun, and friends--even friends they meet at work or through other business or professional interactions. Pretending that your employees are robots has never been a winning human resources strategy.

Social networks thrive on quality not quantity

"Social networks don't get better as they get bigger. They get better based on their quality, a measure Plaxo believes it possesses and aims to exploit in its Pulse network. For social networks, you have to throw out Metcalfe's law, which states that the value of a telecommunications network grows proportional to the number of its users—the more people using phones, the better that network is.