SemantiNet raises $1.7 million

The Semantic search technology start-up SemantiNet has completed an initial financing round of $1.7 million from Giza Venture Capital .
SemantiNet was founded in 2006 by CEO Tal Keinan, former head of Scenario Analysis at Morgan Stanley's Risk Management Department, and CTO Talk Muskal, formerly of Go Networks.

Shift happens

Mike Broudie the Chief Scientist at Verizon and DERI board member gave a very interesting talk yesterday at DERI.The slides are here .

Embyronic Web 3.0

" Search engines search for images via text - a methodology inefficient at best and grievously error-prone. If I search [Google] for "spider Jerusalem" images, I get results that have the words "spider Jerusalem" in the file name. If there's a picture of Spider beating up an alien saved as transmetjpg, the same image won't come up in my search results.

Data Portability

Data portability for your data.
Video found here .

The Semantic Web for non geeks

Excellent little video on the Semantic Web for both geeks and non geeks.
[youtube OGg8A2zfWKg nolink]

Via Minding the Planet

Flickr to authenticate OpenID

" Rumors abound that Yahoo! will make a major announcement about OpenID today at CES. It looks like at the very least you'll be able to use your Flickr user page URL to log in anywhere that supports OpenID login. The code is live, view source of any user page and search for OpenID and you'll find it.

Getting real work done in the virtual workspace

Forrester has released a new report into the use of virtual worlds in the workplace. The report makes the big claim that "within five years, the 3-D Internet will be as important for work as the Web is today". But before we get too carried away, the report also notes that right now virtual worlds are not user friendly to the enterprise crowd - "you’ve practically got to be a gamer to use most of these tools", Forrester notes.

Eyal speaks to Talis

" In our latest Talking with Talis podcast I talk with Eyal Oren , who has just completed his Ph.D at the Galway (Ireland) site of the Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI). We talk about activity at DERI, touching upon their Sindice semantic web index, their work on SIOC, and the potential of data linked across the open web. We conclude by taking an early look at Eyal's new job at VU Amsterdam in the Netherlands. You can listen here
During the conversation, we refer to the following resources;


[youtube ldl0m-5zLz4& nolink]

Web 3.0 and Medicine

" Recently, a neurologist devised an apt medical metaphor for web 3.0. He suggested that, "The development of the graphical web from its early days in 1995 to the social web of late 2007 is comparable to the developing brain." He went on to say that, "Whereas web 1.0 and 2.0 were embryonic, formative technologies, web 3.0 promises to be a more mature web where better ‘pathways’ for information retrieval will be created, and a greater capacity for cognitive processing of information will be built." (Personal communication, A Wong, 2007.)"

Web 3.0 and Medicine