This Week at DERI

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As usual, "This week at DERI" gives you a general overview about recent publications, projects and upcoming events. Visit our website , to find more informations about us, our research and publications.
The Social Semantic Web - Breslin, John G., Passant, Alexandre, Decker, Stefan  This forthcoming book to be published by Springer in Autumn 2009, is now available to pre-order from both Springer and Amazon .

This Week at DERI

Project news
RDFa in Drupal - examples and use cases. This video was presented during DrupalCon DC 2009 at the Practical Semantic Web and Why You Should Caresession.
[youtube r4WgTRIRoa0 nolink]
To get more informations : Stéphane Corlosquet 's post about RDFa and Drupal examples and use cases and Dries Buytaert's post (Drupal creator) about RDfa and drupal.
A summary about this last exciting six months in terms of SIOC-related developments is available in the "Tales from the SIOC-o-sphere #9". To read it :

This Week at DERI

Dear readers ! Welcome to this first post of the series "This week at DERI", in which we provide some informations about what happened this week in the institute.
Welcome to the 6 new members :  Gerhard Gosse , Pierre Ludwick ,  Marek Jozwowicz ,  Darren O’Geraghty , Dr. Marcel Karnstedt , Julie Letierce . The institute is now composed of 118 people

Sindice Awarded by Saltlux and ESTC

DERI is happy to report that Sindice and the Sindice Team have been awarded recently in two separate occasions.
Sindice was awarded the 1st prize at the European Semantic Web Techology Conference, Business Idea Contest . Stefan Decker presented on behalf of the team and apparently the pitch was very well received in fact. He received the prize itself during the ESTC gala dinner.

Semantic Pipe project wins 3rd place in triplification challenge

DERI's Pipe's Project (formerly Semantic Web Pipes) has been awarded 3rd prize at the Triplification challenge
Inspired by Yahoo's Pipes, DERI Web Data Pipes implement a generalization which can also deal with formats such as RDF (RDFa), Microformats and generic XML.
DERI Pipes are Open Source Software, ad as such they can be easily extended and applyed in use cases where a local deployment is needed.

A diverse workspace - Nationalities in DERI reach 27

With the arrvial of Yuki Matsuoka  from Japan, there are now people with as many nationalities working in DERI as the European Union has member states, namely 27! The strongest foreign community in DERI is not coming as a surprise the Polish. However, this place is shared with the Germans, who also comprise of 11 members. The full statistics can be seen in the pie chart below:

Web 3.0 and Personalisation

" In the UK's Guardian newspaper site today, writer Jemina Kiss suggested that Web 3.0 will be about recommendation. "If web 2.0 could be summarized as interaction, web 3.0 must be about recommendation and personalization," she wrote . Using and Facebook's Beacon as an example, Kiss painted a picture of a web where personalized recommendation services can feed us information on new music, new products, and where to eat. It's a marketers dream and it's really not far off from the definitions we've come up with in the past here on ReadWriteWeb."
From Read/Write Web

Introduction to the Social Graph API

An Introduction to the Social Graph API
[youtube LabCylbapuM nolink]

The Google Social Graph API-the good and the bad

Via John Breslin
" I was very interested to hear about the launch of Google’s social graph API at the weekend. The social graph API “returns web addresses of public pages and publicly-declared connections between them”, where the connections are currently being obtained from crawled XFN and FOAF links. Dan Brickley , the co-creator of FOAF said:

The World's information

“Google's general mission has been to organize the world's information. With that they bring in the flotsam and the jetsam, the good with the bad because they're casting their net far and wide,” Microsoft's Cliff Guren said.
Its initiative in mass digitization stems from a vision of Internet search as a tool to hunt not only the words we type in, but also the things we might have meant to type in, said Colin Gillis, an Internet analyst at brokerage Canaccord Adams.